Especially for Women

–    Menopause
–    Pregnancy
–    Mothering
–    Infertility and Miscarriage

For Anxiety and Stress

–    Anxiety and Panic Attacks
–    Emotional Reactions to People, Places or Situations
–    Fear and Phobias
–    Irrational Response Patterns

For Life’s Challenges

–    Disease and Genetic Pre-disposition to Disease
–    Pain – Acute and Long Term
–    Trauma
–    Grief and Sadness
–    Friendship Issues
–    Death and Dying

For Life’s Transitions and Change

–    Adolescence
–    Marriage
–    Puberty
–    Primary School to High School to After School
–    Parenting
–    Separation or Divorce
–    Retirement and Ageing
–    Career Change
–    Loss of Employment and Relocation

Mindfulness Workshops or Groups

Telephone and Skype Counselling

EFT Weight Management Program


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