Mindfulness Workshops or Groups

Mindful Moments Counselling facilitates mindfulness workshops and courses to meet the needs of any group or workplace. We can attend at your own venue or we can organise one that’s suitable. Workshops are adapted in length to meet the needs of any group however ideally they would be once per week, 1-3 hours in duration (including a small break) and run 4-6 weeks. This ensures the mindfulness practices are well established and will be available as life-long tools.

Workshops which are inclusive of small children and their parents, will run for around 1 hour and are predominantly parent/child interactive. We aim to provide two qualified convenors per workshop.

Workshops are $20 per attendee (children under 12 are free) for a group of 6 or more. Some ideas for workshop groups include:

–    Mindful Parenting
–    Mindful Mothering – starts May 2016
–    The Mindful Workplace
–    Mindful Pregnancy & Childbirth
–    Mindful Menopause
–    Mindful Marriage
–    The Mindful Home

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