Mindfulness Workshops / Groups

Mindful Moments Counselling facilitates mindfulness workshops and courses to meet the needs of any group or workplace. We can attend at your own venue or we can organise one that’s suitable. Workshops are adapted in length to meet the needs of any group however ideally they would be once per week, 1-3 hours in duration (including a small break) and run 4-6 weeks. This ensures the mindfulness practices are well established and will be available as life-long tools.

Workshops which are inclusive of small children and their parents, will run for around 1 hour and are predominantly parent/child interactive. We aim to provide two qualified convenors per workshop.

Workshops are $20 per attendee (children under 12 are free) for a group of 6 or more.

We are currently offering the following workshops:
The Mindful Workplace

We come to you and work together with your company to discover, what are… * Mindful workspaces * Mindful Interactions and Communication * Mindful Attitudes * Mindful Customer Service. Companies with staff that practice Mindfulness observe increased happiness, focus and productivity and less anxiety and time-management problems.  The course considers scientific research on practicing Mindfulness within the workplace and its effect on physical and mental health and wellbeing.

We consider… what is duty? What procrastination really is? What is a role. Types of attention. How Mindfulness helps us perceive ourselves and our affect on others. What are the daily habits of exceptionally successful people and corporations?

We consider the effect… of attention and notifications. Of a wandering mind in the workplace. Of cultivating focus, capability and calmness on a workplace. Of attachment and opinion in the workplace. Of pessimism and negativity. Of Mindful planning and projection. Of cohesiveness in the workplace.

We discover… what it truly means to listen and to meet the need in the workplace.  That… Acceptance is not apathy!

We discover how to… instantly access ‘reason’ and creativity through Mindfulness. Cultivate strengths and potential. Know the measure in an activity. Reduce stress in the workplace.

There is a Workplace Makeover for one area where we work together with staff over 4 of the weeks to bring one space to a Mindful state, in order to view the effect of this within the workplace. (optional)

Contact us for more information and our availability to join you within your workplace.

Mindfulness for Life

Living mindfully is natural and it’s for everyone. This 6 week workshop offers practical tools for experiencing connectedness, peace and happiness in daily living, offering lifelong tools for mental, physical and emotional calm and clarity.

We consider “What is Mindfulness?” and the Scientific research supporting the effectiveness of mindfulness for improving mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. We look at what stops us being Mindful and how this affects us as well as those around us. We discover why being unattached is a good attitude to cultivate and how easy it is to discover and build your natural gifts and strengths. 

We also consider the effect of…

  • Mindfulness in anxiety and depression
  • Being Mindful in our life roles
  • Multi-tasking and Procrastination
  • Attention and Attitude
  • Wonder and Curiosity
  • Attachment vs ‘Letting Go’ and Acceptance
  • Considering an opinion vs ‘holding’ an opinion 
  • Mindfulness in stress reduction and anxiety, grief, chronic pain and illness
  • Living in the present moment vs absent-mindedness
  • Catastrophising

The course is mostly practical so from week to week we practice to find out for ourselves what the effect of mindfulness is compared to that of a wandering mind. We learn to Surf the Wave rather than fight it, finding inner confidence and contentment.

Christine comes to your home/work or at a hired venue. It is also available online via Zoom. 

Contact Christine for more details today on 0414 303 338 or christinelawless5@gmail.com

Mindful Parenting

Discover in practice what it is to be a Mindful parent.  How it is possible to be present and awake in meeting the needs of your children, helping them to become capable and resilient people who reach their full potential.

We consider… Scientific Research on the effects of Mindfulness on children and youth and how it can help with the rapidly increasing rate of anxiety and depression in our young, as well as the effect of Stress and Ageing in children – startling studies. What is the effect of a Mindful parent on the child’s subtle world? Virtues and cultivating ‘gifts’ or strengths. Anxiety and Grief. Children with special needs.  

We consider the effect… Of listening fully to our children.  Of split attention and our children’s rapidly expanding ‘electronic world’. Of distortions of perception in our youth. Of attachment in children. The brain plays in the child’s emotional world compared to that of the adult. Of teenage years – damage control, ‘neutral’ territory, wilfulness and understanding the journey. Of Self-Compassion for mental health. Of overdramatising. Of meditation on children.

We discover…  Wonder and Curiosity and their importance. The importance of ‘preparing the soil’ for mental and emotional nourishment.  That children naturally live in the present moment and how we can help them stay there.  The effect that measure and order has on children.  The importance of ‘bringing back’ a wandering mind and the parent’s role in this.  What science has proven about the effect of Mindfulness on specific parts of the brain.

We discover how to…  Listen fully. Assist our children to Focus (even while engaged in internet usage!!). Re-establish links with our children through communication and emotions. Help children balance shifting emotions. Develop reason and acceptance in a child.  Avoid boredom.

Workshops can be run for parents within companies, parenting groups or groups of friends or family. Your venue or ours. Contact us for more details today or search our calendar for a workshop you can join.