For Life’s Transitions and Change

Life is in constant change and the way we handle life’s transitions can mean the difference between ‘falling in-step’ … and ‘falling apart’.  Counselling and mindfulness can draw out our strengths and natural abilities which can turn an unexpected change into an exciting new chance. They can allow us to approach times of change with optimism and enthusiasm. We offer experience and support for all of life’s transitions and biological and emotional times of change.  Some of these include the following:


Puberty and Adolescence

Puberty is a stage of great change physically, mentally and emotionally and can be confusing and frustrating; a harrowing stage for many young people. As an adolescent you can begin to feel more critical of yourself as well as everyone around you. You’d rather delay action and you can become argumentative.

This can be a time of self-consciousness and rapid bodily changes that can often catch adolescent’s ‘off guard’, making them feel vulnerable and uncertain and ask questions such as “what’s wrong with me?” and feel “I hate how I look” and fear they won’t ‘fit in’.

The counselling practices of EFT and Mindfulness can have an immediate positive effect for adolescents and give them tools to effect their own change. Having someone you can trust and confide in, who will listen without judgement and can work together with you to navigate this time in your own way, at your own pace, can make all the difference.

Primary School to High School to After School

Transition from primary school to high school and beyond can be an overwhelming experience for some young people. Maybe you have come from a small primary with close friends and are going now to a large high school where there’s barely anyone you knew before. This can be frightening; an anxiety-ridden time of uncertainty and doubt. Moving too through year 12 and facing the fears and pressures associated with “what next?”. Whatever the stresses around these transitions, our counsellors are experienced in these times of change for young people and can offer life tools that can assist with navigating them cleanly and clearly.



Transitions throughout marriage can be deep and beautiful times. At times however, marriages can face unexpected challenges. Whether these arise when entering into a new marriage, learning to accept changes within an established marriage such as illness, children leaving home and retirement or whether you may be together facing factors that are out of your control, marriage can present unexpected mental and emotional challenges. Counselling may assist you in navigating times of trial within your marriage.


Parenting is a true gift and being a parent is at times an emotional minefield. Feeling confident and self-assured in your ability as a parent can sometimes seem like a distant memory or an unachievable goal.  Counselling and Mindfulness practices may help you with balancing emotional inconsistencies and development of confidence. Our counsellors are parents too and are patient and understanding with your challenges, assisting you with where you want to be as a parent.


Retirement and Ageing

For some, retirement and getting older, can be an emotional time where the experience is one of overwhelming loss, burden, fear and loneliness. These stages can bring with them a feeling of no longer being useful or important, superfluous or a burden to your family.

If you are experiencing worries and fears as you age, our counsellors can offer you support and give you useful tools that will empower you to regain control of how you are feeling throughout these most important stages of your life.

Loss of Employment, Career Change and Relocation

Losing your job can be a time of enormous uncertainty and fear, anger, resentment and exhaustion.  Searching for new employment in an uncertain market or a new city, or changing careers, can seem an overwhelming and burdensome task. Contact us today to discuss ways in which the counselling practices we can offer, will allow you to become empowered with tools such as Mindfulness and EFT to use to take you forward in this challenging yet extremely important time.