For Life’s Challenges

Disease and Chronic Pain

Living with a chronic disease and/or pain can be extremely debilitating, consuming your energy and motivation. Scientific evidence of the effects of Mindfulness-based practices on disease and chronic pain and the direct impact on our physical wellbeing of stress, anxiety, fear, anger, hatred and depression, is rapidly becoming known. (1)  The mind-body connection is rapidly becoming one of sciences most studied fields. Our therapists can help you to learn daily practices that may assist you in dealing with the effects of chronic pain and disease.


For more information on the mind-body connection, you can also read: The Mindfulness Manual – Dr Craig Hassed.


Friendship Issues

Traversing the pathways of friendship is not always easy. We can feel uncertain and rejected by friends; not part of the group anymore. We can love our friends but not their spouses or kids because of the way they treat us, or worse, your friend. Or we may not understand why they’ve just slowly or suddenly stopped being our friend.  Whatever your concern, call us today and find out what help our counselling tools can provide for you.

Death and Dying

Have you lost a loved one? Is there still pain associated with their death? Are you struggling with the pain of someone who is dying? Have you yourself been given such a diagnosis? Our counsellors have the skills to assist those facing the strong and often erratic and overwhelming emotions surrounding death and dying.


Trauma and Grief

The emotional effects of a traumatic experience or grief associated with a serious challenge in life can be something nobody else seems to understand. Sometimes these feelings can resurface years after the initial experience and can leave us confused, overwhelmed and unsure where to turn. Our counsellors have experience with trauma and grief and can work with you to handle these emotions in a way you that allows you to regain confidence in yourself and your feelings.