For Anxiety and Stress

We offer Counselling, and Mindfulness-based Therapy (MBT) including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to help you reduce the effects of anxiety, stress and their associated mental, emotional and physical symptoms.

If you have to regularly deal with:
–    Anxiety or Panic
–    Emotional Reactions to People, Places or Situations
–    Fear
–    Phobias
–    Irrational Response Patterns

… then we can work together with you, providing the right tools to help you respond wisely, creatively and effectively to your life’s stresses. Tools you will have for life.


The Science behind Stress

The functioning state of our mind has a powerful influence on how our body feels and performs. Our body’s natural and important stress response the ‘fight or flight response’ activates when we are stressed, in order to keep us from danger.
But unfortunately the ‘fight or flight response’ can get switched on simply by the state of our emotional and mental world!

So … if we often feel stressed, then our body and mind can suffer the effects of this ‘inappropriate’ stress activation, producing wear and tear on our system, called allostatic load  which affects our bodies in the following ways: (1)

–    Affects our immunity and inflammatory responses.
–    Accelerates the hardening of the arteries that lead to heart attacks and strokes.
–    Increases the loss of calcium out of our bones.
–    Accelerates the ageing of the brain, especially the executive functioning area of the brain and the learning and memory centres, the ones we rely on for high performance.

Science is now forging ahead with evidence of the physical and mental health benefits of practicing Mindfulness and other therapies such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

A 2013 medical study concluded, “MBT (Mindfulness-based Therapy) is an effective treatment for a variety of psychological problems, and is especially effective for reducing anxiety, depression, and stress.” (2)

Studies estimate that in Australia mental health concerns, chiefly depression and anxiety will soon be the foremost burden of disease independent of the secondary effects that mental wellbeing has on physical health. (3)
… so contact us today.

1. Dr Craig Hassed, Senior Lecturer, Coordinator of Mindfulness Programs, Monash University, 2015
2. Clinical Psychology Review, 2013
3. Medical Journal of Australia; The Australian Burden of Disease Study, 2000