Especially for Women

Mindful Moments Counselling specialises in providing Counselling and practical Mindfulness support for women’s health and well-being in all ages and stages of life including …



For some women, transitioning through menopause can be a stage seemingly without end and posing many erratic obstacles. Anxiety, loneliness, fear, sadness and other emotional turmoils can erupt for no apparent reason, leaving you questioning your mental ability, drained of confidence and energy. We have counsellors with personal experience of the difficulties menopause can bring, especially that of early onset. Experience the beneficial effects of counselling practices such as Mindfulness and EFT to give you the tools to assist to confidently navigate this often-difficult transition in life.



Pregnancy can be one of life’s most mysterious and confronting transitions. Dealing with anything from pregnancy conditions, your baby’s health and birthing options, to career decisions, financial concern and everyone’s ‘well meaning’ advice about it all, can be a stressful time. While everyone around you seems to feel that what you are going through is ‘completely natural’, it can feel anything but, to you.

Counselling practices such as Mindfulness and EFT can provide tools to help you alleviate the fears and frustrations of pregnancy and regain your strength and decisiveness, as well as provide you with ways to experience calm and clarity towards giving birth and becoming a mother.


Mothering can feel completely natural for some but not every mother bonds instantly with their new baby or feels able to maintain bonds with their adolescents. From toddlers to teenagers, transition through these stages can see mothers having to face differing and complex challenges. Our counsellors have support options to help you to work towards reforming these bonds once again.


Infertility and Miscarriage

Infertility or the experience of miscarriage bring about extreme emotional forms of turmoil and stress. Clinical trials have shown that mindfulness-based practices are an effective psychological intervention for women facing infertility. Our qualified counsellors can assist you through these challenging times.