Happiness is natural and ever-accessible. At any given moment happiness and fulfilment can be available for me to experience …


But is this what you commonly experience?

Is happiness really a choice? Or does it feel like being happy is a random experience based on the outcome of life’s events? Does your life have meaning and purpose?

If happiness is not your common experience, you may need help with your way of thinking.


Counselling may provide this help.

At Mindful Moments Counselling we work collaboratively with YOU to effectively bring about the change you want for your life. We support you as you experience for yourself the effects of these transformations until they become valid knowledge about yourself and make you more likely to act on what you’ve learned when life throws challenges your way.

We provide an uplifting, warm, supportive environment enabling you just to openly ‘be’. To be fully heard, with empathy and understanding, and without judgement. We provide a western, practical counselling approach through the use of a select range of complementary therapies.

Our therapists have a deep passion and understanding of the importance of allowing people to access the necessary tools that enable them to practise living with awareness, in the present moment and thereby encouraging freedom from attachment and desire, and a welcome return to happiness.

Our therapists acknowledge that their own greatest strengths are their daily Mindfulness and EFT practices.