About Christine

My Passion

My home-based counselling clinic is in Sherwood, Brisbane. I have a great passion to serve the needs of a community and right now the needs of the community are very much about finding ways to manage and overcome many stresses. We don’t have to look too far to see people experiencing stress, anxiety, loneliness, grief, fear, exhaustion, low confidence, indecision and general inertia.


The way we feel and how we experience our life is fundamentally up to us but it can be hard to find something that really helps; that actually works.  The counselling I offer through the use of EFT, allows you to access your extraordinary potential and provides simple, intelligent, lifelong tools that enable you to gather confidence and direction.


I am the director of Mindful Moments Counselling as well as a qualified and registered Counsellor (Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors). I’m a professional level 2 member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA) and a qualified Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or ‘Tapping’ practitioner, an evidence-based system of techniques described as psychological acupuncture.

I trained in Mindfulness (Dr Craig Hassed, (Assc.prof, Snr lecturer, Mindfulness programs, Monash University) through the Gawler Foundation, Melbourne. 

I myself have been practicing mindfulness-based health, stress management, and meditation for over 15 years and have found these of extreme benefit in life and for health. In my counselling clinic in Sherwood, I mainly use EFT as it works so well and the evidence-base it now has means it is effective, quick and long-lasting. I work with adolescents through to adults.

I have an extensive background in the management of disease as a Medical Herbalist (ACNM Qld.).  I have commonly observed the direct relationship between mind and its effect on the body.  Realising the importance of this connection I have dedicated myself to the study and practice of EFT through my counselling practice.

I have brought my passion and genuine care for all, together with my wealth of personal experience and natural therapy knowledge to Mindful Moments Counselling in order to work collaboratively with you towards better physical health, mental wellbeing and a life of happiness.